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When You're a Leader...

...Who You Are Being is Equally As Important As What You Are Doing.

All leaders arrive at watershed moments where their talents and capacities hit a wall. Their future success and their current satisfaction depend on developing skills and strategies to increase their impact, create sustained value to their organization, communities, and relationships, and be the catalyst for change and growth in these areas for others. 

This calls for a shift in mindset, skills, and competencies.  

At E.R. Anderson and Associates, our tailored Executive Leadership programs transform the way you relate and respond to your team, your network, your communities, your organization, and yourself.

Our executive leaders build self-awareness and practice the power of specific strategies and skills designed to help them tackle the most pressing challenges with clarity and emotional intelligence. 

All leaders need the opportunity to gain fresh insights into their development and a chance to experiment with a new way of doing and being to get to the next level of performance. 

Our Core Values





How do you want to be treated?

...as a Leader?

At E.R. Anderson and Associates, we incorporate three principles or pillars that guide how we want to be treated — and how we treat our leaders.

You are Committed to Building Relationships

You know that leadership is actually about building, maintaining, and learning through expert guidance. Everything starts with relationships — including the relationship with yourself. 

You are Teachable

We’re learners and we teach learning. When you work with us, you are teachable and are willing to be taught. Without this, you know you can’t truly implement change for yourself or in your relationships.

You are Interested in Bridging the Gap Between Doing and Being

We’ll help you learn what leaders do (the practices) that influence who leader is being (transforming your self-identity). But it’s up to you to keep up the momentum of what you learn in every aspect of your life. 




I wasn’t sure what to expect, however during Eric Anderson’s presentation I received so much and a new insight within myself and my organization. I mostly valued the positive aspects and practical applications. In the future, I would like to see this shared with other businesses, schools, governments, parents, everyone. Thank you, Eric.


Linda Garcia
Marketing Director

We’re Not Born Leaders — We’re Called Into Leadership and Formed Into Leaders

"Leadership is about putting aside personal agendas for a greater agenda of service…like the needs of my country, or my school, or my brother or sister, or my peers, or spouse or friends.  It’s about doing something with your life that makes other people’s lives better.  Great leaders are committed to others.  The put others first!  Those who are truly successful are those who are committed to serving the needs of others and not themselves, whether they be friends, family, clients, customers, etc." — Eric Anderson

Go ahead and ask yourself:

“How do I want to be treated by...

          My co-workers?

          My kids?

          My spouse?

          My boss?

          Drivers on the freeway?

          The barista at my favorite coffee shop?

          The principal at my kids’ school?”

There is no right or wrong answer. It’s completely individual — but it’s not rhetorical. 

Based on training and leadership development work with hundreds of professionals, we know the answers don’t come overnight. They take time to develop. But leaders always know, quite instinctively, what the “right” answer feels like. It simply may take coaching and professional guidance to arrive there. 

Once they hit the answer, that’s freedom right there. 

When leaders decide how they want to be treated, they start being the leader they always were inside. 

As a leader, when you answer that question, you’ll be able to understand exactly how others need to be treated — and who you need to be to treat them that way. Understanding the expectations we set for ourselves is akin to understanding who we’re being in a relationship and what we’re doing to back up and support who we’re being. 

When you live this as a leader, you’re implicitly signaling to others that it’s okay — even necessary — to do the same.

Whether they’re in the midst of developing these capacities, or they’re still being introduced to them, here’s what is true of all leaders:

Leaders take responsibility for themselves. They take ownership of how they want to be treated. They hold themselves accountable for their decisions. 

When leaders begin to build these capacities, they open up to the door to greater self-reliance, autonomy, clarity, and mental and emotional fortitude. This reverberates across their teams, their personal relationships, and their professional goals, creating alignment and action on every front.


Eric's presentations are memorable  because he is energetic, exciting and dynamic.  He draws his audience in to his­ belief system and then delivers the tools that one can use immediately with whomever one comes in contact with. I would call that a life changing experience.  It changed my life as well as the total atmosphere on my campus. I  believe  Eric has the knowledge  base and the drive to help anyone  reach  their  goal  regardless  of  what  business  one  is in. Without reservation I highly recommend that you take the time to hear Eric Anderson and what he can do for you .

Dan Strebig
Business Owner

Eric has enabled us to put more ideas on the table and develop the perspective required for effective leadership.

Oscar Onyema

And Who Am i?

I’m Eric Anderson. For over 25 years, I’ve been coaching and consulting with high-performing executive leadership teams. Working with teams nationally, in states such as Texas, New Mexico, California, Wisconsin, Washington, Oklahoma, Iowa, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and more, to international organizations located in New York, Finland, and Singapore, I’ve helped to arm future leaders with impactful, direct, and tangible processes to increase performance, accountability, and professional development. 


During Eric’s presentation, I received a powerful connection with my staff.  Wow, really not able to express in words the powerful connection.  I most valued learning how to truly see the value in other people and myself.  Truly understand putting relationships first and making that the priority.  Since the presentation we have reduced our turnover by 75% and increased our customer retention by 80%.

Kimi Koskinen
Business Owner, Finland

ready to reach for the mountaintop?

Using proven tools like the Unity Process and high-performing coaching techniques that parallel "The Horse Whisperer" Monty Roberts, E.R. Anderson and Associates can help your organization or team create an environment of success, transparency, and accountability. If you’re ready to decide for yourself, how you as a leader, a boss, a spouse, a father, a friend, a team player, want to be treated, sign up to the E.R. Anderson and Associates newsletter to receive actionable strategies and performance-based insights each week.  


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